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Moiskalantie 900, 42140 Juokslahti
tel. +358(0)40 178 8887
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Holiday resort / village. Cottages, beds per cottage: 6-10, heating, television, fireplace, fridge, microwave oven, dishwasher, shower, toilet, own sauna.
Conference facilities, catering.
Program services (activities), safaries, packages. Paintball games. Canoeing, hiking, nature trails, fishing, jig fishing. Downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, slide. Motor sports, snow mobiles, karting.


Touristinfo: Luontokeskus Kellokas, Tunturintie 54, Äkäslompolo, t. +358(0)16 569 996.
Kolari municipality is located North of the Arctic Circle in West Lapland in Tornionjokilaakso. The Ylläs tourist centre is located in the northern part of the municipality.

Isopalontie 2, 95900 Kolari
tel. 040 550 2424
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Travel info, brochures, maps. Municipal info, inhabitants: 4000, area: 2626 km2, primary industries:, trade, tourism, services, agriculture.
Calendar of events. Music, jazz, blues.
Canoeing, rowing-boat. Hiking, nature trails, fishing, fly fishing, spinning. Ski resort, cross-country skiing.


Only 2,4 km from Utsjoki by the Karigasniementie road. Our quality cottages are suitable for both families with children and for enterprises. The legendary river Teno is excellent for salmon fishing and camping, because the river is in its natural state and clean, the environment is peaceful and the place is surrounded by magnificent arctic hill landscape.

Aittisuvanto, 99980 Utsjoki
tel. +358 400 514930 40 529 6627
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Cottages, no. of cottages 5, beds per cottage: 2-6, bedrooms 1-2, living room, television, fireplace, own kitchen, fridge, microwave oven, terrace, no smoking.
Program services (activities), safaries. Rowing-boat, equipment rental. Motor boat. Hiking, nature trails, fishing, fly fishing, spinning, jig fishing. Hunting. Motor sports, snow mobiles.



Harjunlahdentie 540, 41710 RUTALAHTI
tel. +358(0)50 5696117 040 7703591
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Accommodation. Double rooms. Rooms for three persons . Beds total: 30.
National-/nature park.
Conference facilities, festivities, rooms suitable for (no. of persons): 120+30. Eating, in terrain.
Program services (activities), packages. Biking, equipment rental. Beach, sandy. Canoeing, equipment rental. Fishing. Cross-country skiing, skating.


Afghanese table
You are welcome to experience new exotic tastes in an Afghanese restaurant. Lunch and á la carte.

Lentolankuja 2, 36220 Kangasala
tel. +358(0)3 3792 550
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Restaurant, lunch, a la carte, terrace. Conference facilities. Seats total 90+60.
Swimming pool, sauna.
Open, working days 10-22, sat 11-23, sun 11-21.


Reasonably-priced accommodation in the centre of Rovaniemi since 1960.

tel. +358(0)16 312 474
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Bed and breakfast, guest house. Single rooms 3. Double rooms 3. Rooms for three persons 1.


Kauniainen (pop. 8500) is one of the four towns in the metropolitan area. It is surrounded by its neighbouring town Espoo, 15 km west of Helsinki. The history of Kauniainen goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, when a company was founded that started to sell summer house premises for people in Helsinki. The town has retained its original characteristics and this has played an important part in its development. The majority of the houses are still small and close to nature.
The Culture Centre Vallmogård is a Jugend-style villa from 1907. It was built for the writer Mikael Lybeck and was owned by his family until 1948. During 1948 - 1956 it was used as a hospital for the war-disabled and later as a town office.
The Railway station was completed in 1908 and has retained its original look.
The Kauniala Veteran Hospital was founded in 1910 as the health spa Bad Grankulla. From 1945 onwards it has functioned as a rehabilitation hospital of the Veterans' Union.
Kauniainen Church (from 1983, designed by Kristian Gullichsen) resembles the Mediterranean architectural style from the early days of Christianity.

Kauniaistentie 10, 02700 Kauniainen
tel. +358 (0)9-50 561
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Travel info. Municipal info, inhabitants: 8600, area: 6 km2.
Architecture, statue, church, built in the year 1983.


The 3-storey, 8-corner wilderness studio of the artist Mikael Vesper is a sight in its own. Exhibitions varying to seasons, paintings, sculptures and portraits of Mikael Vesper.

tel. +358(0)41 4528 555
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Art, gallery, exhibition, sculptures, paintings. Guided tours.
Open, yearly, in june, in july, in august. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun 11-17. By request, also at another time.


Laitila is known for its dialect.
Culture centre Kustaa Hiekan lukutupa, a new town library, the renovated Poukka House (tourist info) and a grey granite church from the Middle Ages are sights worth seeing in the centre of Laitila. Also the Kauppila Inner Yard Museum with a café and the Untamala main street with its churches and archeology centre are close by.

Keskuskatu 30, 23800 LAITILA
tel. +358(0)2 85 011
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Travel info, brochures, maps.
History, church. Museum, cultural history.
Open, mon 9-17, tue, wed, thu 8-16, fri 9-15.


Korsholm has a lot to offer for a visitor. Many places to see, events, nature and history! Björköby - in the middle of the first World Nature Heritage Site in the Merenkurkku archipelago. A unique archipelago and the sea. You can visit places like the Stundar museum and cultural centre, Söderfjärden - greetings from space! Not to forget the Korsholm music festival.

Centrumvägen 4, 65610 Korsholm
tel. +358(0)6 3277 111
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Travel info, brochures, maps. Municipal info, area: 3600 km2.
History, on world heritage list. Museum, cultural history, local history. Nature sight.
Music, chamber music.

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