Kustavi - the pearl of the archipelago
This maritime island municipality offers pleasant leisure activities close to nature.
Tourist information Juni-August tel. +358(0)2 8426620. Please call, we are happy to give further information.

Kustavin kunta

Keskustie 7, 23360 Kustavi
tel. +358(0)2 8426 600

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Travel info, brochures, maps. Municipal info, inhabitants: 900, primary industries:, trade, tourism, services, industry, traffic.
History, monument, church, built in the year 1783. Lighthouse.
Boating/yachting. Fishing, fly fishing, spinning, fishing from boat.
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Kauniainen (pop. 8500) is one of the four towns in the metropolitan area. It is surrounded by its neighbouring town Espoo, 15 km west of Helsinki. The history of Kauniainen goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, when a company was founded that started to sell summer house premises for people in Helsinki. The town has retained its original characteristics and this has played an important part in its development. The majority of the houses are still small and close to nature.
The Culture Centre Vallmogård is a Jugend-style villa from 1907. It was built for the writer Mikael Lybeck and was owned by his family until 1948. During 1948 - 1956 it was used as a hospital for the war-disabled and later as a town office.
The Railway station was completed in 1908 and has retained its original look.
The Kauniala Veteran Hospital was founded in 1910 as the health spa Bad Grankulla. From 1945 onwards it has functioned as a rehabilitation hospital of the Veterans' Union.
Kauniainen Church (from 1983, designed by Kristian Gullichsen) resembles the Mediterranean architectural style from the early days of Christianity.

Kauniaisten kaupunki - Grankulla

Kauniaistentie 10, 02700 Kauniainen
tel. +358 (0)9-50 561

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Travel info. Municipal info, inhabitants: 9350, area: 6 km2.
Architecture, statue, church, built in the year 1983.
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n summer the Old Church is open every day, in winter season church is open by reservation!
The Foundation of Petäjävesi Old Church takes care of the tourism on the site, offers guided tours, information etc.
For wedding reservations please contact the parish.
Petäjäveden Vanha kirkko

Vanhankirkontie, 41900 Petäjävesi
tel. +358(0)40 5822461

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Petäjävesi centre
Church, built in the year 1763-1764. On world heritage list. Guided tours. Museum, cultural history.
Open, daily, in summer 10.00-18.00, in winter, by request, for groups. Entrance fee, adults (price) 6€, children (price) 3,5€, special prices, for groups.
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Teuva-Info Kulttuuritalo Orrelassa

Porvarintie 51, 64700 Teuva
tel. +35846 850 7702

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Teuva centrum
Travel info, brochures, maps. Municipal info, inhabitants: 6158, primary industries:, trade, tourism, services, industry, agriculture, tending of cattle.
Church, built in the year 1952, ruin. Museum, art, exhibition. Cultural history. Natural history.
Conference facilities, festivities, weddings, birthdays.
Hiking, nature trails. Ski resort, slopes 2, super pipe, snowboard street, equipment rental. Cross-country skiing, ski trails 100 km, illuminated trails.
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Karkkila is a traditional ironwork locality with varied outdoor recreational areas.
Finnish Foundry Museum, Bremerintie, tel. +358(0)9 4258 3672, +358(0)9 4258 3673, open 2.5. - 31.8. Wed-Sun 12-18, at other times Sat 12-15, Sun 12-18. The museum includes the blast furnace of Högfors (1823, Open by request for groups) and Gallery Bremer.
Workers' Museum of Karkkila-Högfors, tel. +358(0)9 4258 3672, open 13.6. - 15.8. Wed-Sun 12-18, at other times on request.
Wooden church
Monument for the Reds (Aimo Tukiainen) and the Statue of the Founder (Terho Sakki).

Suomen Valimomuseo

Valtatie 26, 03600 Karkkila
tel. +358(0)9 4258 3672

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Karkkila centrum
Travel info, brochures, maps. Guide service. Municipal info, inhabitants: 9050, area: 255 km2, primary industries:, tourism, services, industry.
Art, gallery. Monument. Church, built in the year 1781. Museum, art, gallery. Cultural history. Social history, technology, factory, industry. Guided tours. Museum shop.
Canoeing, fishing, fly fishing, spinning.
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