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Sljedeći 10

Cafe servering for groups, family celebrations and meetings. A quality handicraft shop e.g. wooden gift boxes for decoration. Art exhibitions. Open daily 12-15 or at request.

tel. +358(0)2 5546 139 040 7184529
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Umjetnosti, izložba.
Kafić. Objekti za konferenciju, proslave, vjenčanja, obiteljski sastanci, rođendani. Satovi za vježbanja. Dostava hrane.

Suveniri, radovi u drvu, pokloni, ručni rad, nakit.


Kauniainen (pop. 8500) is one of the four towns in the metropolitan area. It is surrounded by its neighbouring town Espoo, 15 km west of Helsinki. The history of Kauniainen goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, when a company was founded that started to sell summer house premises for people in Helsinki. The town has retained its original characteristics and this has played an important part in its development. The majority of the houses are still small and close to nature.
The Culture Centre Vallmogård is a Jugend-style villa from 1907. It was built for the writer Mikael Lybeck and was owned by his family until 1948. During 1948 - 1956 it was used as a hospital for the war-disabled and later as a town office.
The Railway station was completed in 1908 and has retained its original look.
The Kauniala Veteran Hospital was founded in 1910 as the health spa Bad Grankulla. From 1945 onwards it has functioned as a rehabilitation hospital of the Veterans' Union.
Kauniainen Church (from 1983, designed by Kristian Gullichsen) resembles the Mediterranean architectural style from the early days of Christianity.

Kauniaistentie 10, 02700 Kauniainen
tel. +358 (0)9-50 561
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Informacije o putovanju. Općinske informacije, stanovnici 8600, prostor 6 km2.
Arhitektura, kip, crkveni muzej, sagrađeno tjekom godine 1983.


The Aviation Museum of Central Finland. Get acquainted with Finnish aviation history from the beginning till today. The central exhibition consists mainly of cast-off planes, plane motors and flying equipment of the air force, and over 300 scale models.

Tikkakoskentie 125, 41160 Tikkakoski
tel. +358(0)14 375 2125
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Muzej, rat, zrakoplovstvo, tehnologija. Uzorci. Prikaz s vodičem. Muzejska prodavaonica.
Kafić, peciva, kolači, torte.

Otvoreno, cijelu godinu, svakodnevno 16.8.-31.5. 11-17, otvoreno samo ljeti 1.6.-15.8. 10-20. Cijena ulaza, odrasli (cijena) 6€, djeca (cijena) 3€.


Bed & breakfast and cottages available round the year. Party and program service.

Vesterängintie 64-8, FIN-01120 Västerskog
tel. +358(0)40 5167 214
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Bungalovi. Noćenje i doručak, odmaralište.
Proslave, vjenčanja, obiteljski sastanci, rođendani. Dostava hrane.


Kumlinge is a small but active municipality in the middle of an archipelago. The four main islands Kumlinge, Enklinge, Seglinge and Björkö have inhabitants throughout the year and each island has its own characteristics, the nature varies and the inhabitants give their villages their own peculiar characteristics. There are good accommodation possibilities, restaurants and several guest marinas in the municipality. Village shops, banks, a post office, a chemist etc. serve the visitors. You can fish, wander on the nature trails, play tennis, visit sights like a 13th century church and the Hermani Museum Manor etc. Or you can just relax and enjoy the sea and the archipelago! If you are travelling by car or by bike you can get to Kumlinge by the island ferries from Kustavi's Vuosnainen on the main land or from the harbours of Hummelvik and Långnäs in Åland ( Local ferries and public transportation run between the islands. Welcome to Kumlinge!

tel. +358(0)18 622 400
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Kampiranje, kamp-kućice. Bungalovi.
Informacije o putovanju, brušura, zemljopisna karta. Općinske informacije, stanovnici 350, osnovne industrije, turizam, usluge.
Muzej, kulturnopovijesni, zavičajni.

Kalendar događanja.
Restoran, objed, a la karte.
Vodeni promet, trajektni promet.
Marina, uslužna zgrada. Igre s loptom, tenis. Pješačenje, markirana staza, ribolov.



Kittilän lentoasema PL88, 99100 Kittilä
tel. +358 (0)16 641 487
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Centar za bukiranje.

Jela po narudžbi.
Slobodne aktivnosti, safari. Sauna, otvoreno prema dogovoru, skupine prema narudžbi. Pješačenje, markirana staza, ribolov. Motorizirani sportovi, motorne saonice.


Gives information on the Kvarken Archipelago, Finland's first World Natural Heritage Site.
Terranova, "new land", shows the uplift, the nature and nature preservation areas of the Kvarken and gives information on the nature activities and nature travelling possibilities of the area.

Museokatu 3, 65100 Vaasa
tel. +358 6 325 3792 40 708 0792
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Visitor centre, izložba, auditorium. Muzej, prirodoslovni, prikaz s vodičem. Nacionalni park/park prirode.
Otvoreno, cijelu godinu, utorak 10-17, srijeda 12-20, Četvrtak 10-17, petak 10-17, subota 12-17, nedjelja 12-17. Cijena ulaza, odrasli (cijena) 5 €, posebne cijene, skupine prema narudžbi.


Isojoki derives its name from the river which flows through the town. The river is known for its fishing places and fish-breeding. Lauhanvuori National Park at the top of Western Finland (231 m) is also situated in Isojoki. The town offers all kinds of countryside, farm holidays and programme services.

Teollisuustie 1 A, 64900 Isojoki
tel. +358(0)6 2413 5521
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Informacije o putovanju, brušura, zemljopisna karta. Općinske informacije, stanovnici 2399, prostor 646 km2, osnovne industrije, trgovina, turizam, usluge, industrija, poljoprivreda.
Nacionalni park/park prirode.


Laitila is known for its dialect.
Culture centre Kustaa Hiekan lukutupa, a new town library, the renovated Poukka House (tourist info) and a grey granite church from the Middle Ages are sights worth seeing in the centre of Laitila. Also the Kauppila Inner Yard Museum with a café and the Untamala main street with its churches and archeology centre are close by.

Keskuskatu 30, 23800 LAITILA
tel. +358(0)2 85 011
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Informacije o putovanju, brušura, zemljopisna karta.
Povijesna baština, crkveni muzej. Muzej, kulturnopovijesni.
Otvoreno, ponedeljak 9-17, utorak, srijeda, Četvrtak 8-16, petak 9-15.


Hyvinkää is situated in the Helsinki region, on the Salpausselkä ridge, 53 km from Helsinki. The city remains close to nature and offers numerous possibilities for travellers and fitness fans. Hyvinkää has an active visual arts scene and the town known for such famous artists as Helene Schjerfbeck, Tyko Sallinen and Yrjö Saarinen. Our woolly history, modern working culture, and various happenings come together in the Old Wool Mill.

Kankurinkatu 4-6, Villatehdas, 05800 Hyvinkää
tel. +358(0) 19 459 2038
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Informacije o putovanju, brušura, zemljopisna karta.
Otvoreno, ponedeljak, utorak, srijeda, Četvrtak 8.00–16.00, petak 8.00–15.00.

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