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Tuulensuunkatu 5 B, 21100 Naantali
tel. +358(0)400 782 485 02 4351 586
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Arte, galleria, arti visive, grafica, disegni, dipinti.
Aperto, in estate 12-17.


Events, changing exhibitions, a coffee- and tea-room. Catered dining. Limited accommodation.

Olangontie 20, 97700 Ranua
tel. +358(0)40 5570008
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Camp school. Sistemazione. Camere singole. Camere doppie.
Arte, esposizione.
Caffè, pasticcini, biscotti, torta. Possibilità di organizzare conferenze, camere adatte per (numero di persone) 30. Ristorazione su richiesta.
Aperto, in estate 5.6.-31.8., martedì, mercoledì, giovedì, venerdì, sabato, domenica 11-17, su richiesta. Quata d\'ammissione, adulti (prezzo) 6 €, bambini (prezzo) 5 €.


Ähtäri is a all-year tourist attraction. The Ähtäri Zoo, Spa Mesikämmen, a golf course, good hiking routes and the many watercourses create a good environment for a holiday. Over 300 animals and ca. 65 animal species in the Zoo.

Ostolantie 11, 63700 Ähtäri
tel. +358(0)6 2525 6012
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Informazioni per viaggiatori, opuscoli, mappe. Informazione municipale, abitanti: 6830, area: 906 km2, industrie primarie, commercio, turismo, servizi, industria.

Zoo/animali selvatici.
Stazione termale. Sport del pallone, campo di golf. Canoismo, trekking, itinerari naturali, pesca. Sci di fondo.


SOILE YLI-MÄYRY of Finland, a painter for more than 25 years, makes her paintings by using a palette knife. She uses paint in three ways: a thin, even coat, thick lines and by scraping lines into the painted area, for a three-dimensional look. The main theme in Yli-Mäyry’s work is humanity and people’s alienation from nature in the urban world.
A café, built in an old stable, in the yard area. Open from July till August daily 12 pm-5 pm, Stable Café open when Taidehalli is open.

Huvilakatu 5, FIN-15150 Lahti
tel. +358(0)3 7332807
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Arte, esposizione, dipinti, arte contemporaneo.
Musica, concerti.
Caffè, pasticcini, biscotti, torta.
Aperto, giornaliero, in estate 30.5.-22.8.2011.


B&B Accommodation for max. 15 persons on a functioning farm. Dining, meetings, celebrations, recreational days and programme services for groups at request.

Kukkomäki 59, FIN-45610 KORIA
tel. +358 (0)40 510 4143
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Bed and breakfast, pensione. Agriturismo, fattoria da lavoro. Camere doppie. Camere per famiglie.
Animali domestici, pecore.
Possibilità di organizzare conferenze, festività, sessioni d\'allenamento, camere adatte per (numero di persone) 10-52. Ristorazione su richiesta.
Servizi di programmazione (attività). Sauna. Sport del pallone, pallavolo.
Aperto, su richiesta, anche in un altro momento.


Finland's Railway Museum , is situated in the original buildings of the Board of Railways from the 1870s. The history of Finnish railways is vividly shown.

Hyvinkäänkatu 9, 05800 Hyvinkää
tel. +358(0)307 25241
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Museo, treni. Viaggi guidati, su richiesta. Negozio di museo, internet store.

Calendario eventi.
Aperto :, in estate 10-17, 1.9 - 31.5.:, lunedì -, sabato 12-15, domenica 12-17. Extra d\'apertura. Quata d\'ammissione, adulti (prezzo) 7€, bambini (prezzo) 0-2€, prezzi speciali.


Vuoksi Fishing Park - Restaurant Wanha Virveli - custom sauna Räihän Kuohu.
Salmon pool and curehouse - Sturgeon and Salmon.
Vuoksen Lautturi
Landscape cruises to Vuoksi 17.6.-19.8. at 3 pm. Charter cruises 15.5.-25.9.

Kotipolku 4, 55120 IMATRA
tel. +358(0)5-4323 123 0400 655848
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Campeggio, accampamento, campeggio roulotte 20, con attacchi elettrichi. Edificio servizio, doccia, bagno, drenaggio delle acque reflue contenitori. Bungalow separati, numero di cottage 1, letti per cottage 10, doccia, sauna propria, per disabili.
Crociere, viaggi gi giorno, giornaliero 15:00.
Trattoria, birra, di pesce, terrazza estiva, sedie in totale 45. Ristorazione su richiesta.
Canoismo, canottaggio, attrezzature in affitto. Viaggi in barca/yachting. Ciclismo. Spiaggia, pesca, permesso di pesca in vendita.
Aperto, in estate 9(10)-18(22).


Isojoki derives its name from the river which flows through the town. The river is known for its fishing places and fish-breeding. Lauhanvuori National Park at the top of Western Finland (231 m) is also situated in Isojoki. The town offers all kinds of countryside, farm holidays and programme services.

Teollisuustie 1 A, 64900 Isojoki
tel. +358(0)6 2413 5521
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Informazioni per viaggiatori, opuscoli, mappe. Informazione municipale, abitanti: 2399, area: 646 km2, industrie primarie, commercio, turismo, servizi, industria, agricoltura.
Parco nazionale/naturale.


Kauniainen (pop. 8500) is one of the four towns in the metropolitan area. It is surrounded by its neighbouring town Espoo, 15 km west of Helsinki. The history of Kauniainen goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, when a company was founded that started to sell summer house premises for people in Helsinki. The town has retained its original characteristics and this has played an important part in its development. The majority of the houses are still small and close to nature.
The Culture Centre Vallmogård is a Jugend-style villa from 1907. It was built for the writer Mikael Lybeck and was owned by his family until 1948. During 1948 - 1956 it was used as a hospital for the war-disabled and later as a town office.
The Railway station was completed in 1908 and has retained its original look.
The Kauniala Veteran Hospital was founded in 1910 as the health spa Bad Grankulla. From 1945 onwards it has functioned as a rehabilitation hospital of the Veterans' Union.
Kauniainen Church (from 1983, designed by Kristian Gullichsen) resembles the Mediterranean architectural style from the early days of Christianity.

Kauniaistentie 10, 02700 Kauniainen
tel. +358 (0)9-50 561
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Informazioni per viaggiatori. Informazione municipale, abitanti: 8600, area: 6 km2.
Architettura, statua, museo ecclesiastico, costruito in anno 1983.


44 rooms and holiday cottages. Smoke sauna, lakeshore sauna and electric sauna. Two beaches and an indoor swimming-pool. Tennis court. Hiking path, skiing tracks.
Popular holiday and conference centre. Restaurant (fully licensed) with 300 places for visitors. Sun terraces. Full or half board. Camping and caravan site. Open throughout the year. In summer programmed water bus cruises in the wilderness landscape of Repovesi national park.

Voikoskentie 138, 47910 Hillosensalmi
tel. +358(0)5 389 881
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Albergo. Luogo di villeggiatura / villaggio. Campeggio, accampamento, campeggio roulotte. Bungalow separati. Appartementi. Camere doppie. Camere per famiglie. In camere, televisione, doccia, bagno, cucina piccola, frigorifero.
Crociere, viaggi gi giorno, charter. Parco nazionale/naturale.
Trattoria. Bar. Possibilità di organizzare conferenze, sale da riunioni. Festività, matrimonio, incontri di famiglie, compleanni. Sessioni d\'allenamento. Cabine per gruppi. Camere adatte per (numero di persone) 10-200. Catering.
Servizi di programmazione (attività), pacco, in terreno, su richiesta. Sauna, sauna sulla riva, sauna di vapore. Canoismo. Sport del pallone, calcio, pallavolo, tennis. Spiaggia, riva sabbiosa. Trekking, itinerari naturali. Pesca, permesso di pesca in vendita. Sci di fondo, racchetta da neve.
Aperto, per tutto l\'anno, extra d\'apertura.

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