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Eckerö Servicios de programación (actividades) Safari

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Eckerö has a long tradition in tourist business and an exciting and lively history as the meeting place of the Baltic Sea area as it is an important part of the old Postal Service Road. The impact of the Russian empire can be seen in the grand facade, which was designed to make an impression on Sweden. Many summer restaurants serve delicious food and offer a magnificent view. The winter landscape attracts travellers, fishermen and travellers on skates. Hunting is becoming more popular today in Åland and in Eckerö. Hotels, guest boat harbours and inns make their guests comfortable. Many cabin villages are open also in winter. Eckerö has challenging full-length golf courses both for competitors and leisure-time golfers.
Eckerö has a relaxed atmosphere - year round!
There are many places to see on our island: the Käringsund fishing harbour with Åland's Museum of Hunting and Fishing, and next to it Vilthägnet game safaris. Eckerö Post and Customs House with the Postal Service Road Museum. The stone church of St. Lars, the local arts-and-crafts house Labbas. The Eckerö midsummer poles are an impressive sight. Visit also the yearly Eckerö market in Storby and the Postal Service Rowing over the Åland sea.

Södra Överbyvägen 8, 22270 Eckerö
tel. +358(0)18 32 930
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Información turística, folletos, mapas. Información de la municipalidad, habitantes: 900+, superficie: 113 km2, actividad principal:, comercio, turismo, servicios, navegación.
Historia, arquitectura, iglesias, religiones. Museo, de navegación, marítimo. Parque nacional/ reserva natural, zoo/animales salvajes, animales selvajes, ciervos comunes.

Ferias (de muestras), mercados.
Transporte fluvial, operador de ferry, itinerario Eckerö-Grisslehamn, barco M/S Eckerö.
Servicios de programación (actividades), safari. Juegos con la pelota, canchas de golf.

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